Looking for help in NVidia driver bug hunt

Hi everyone,

Has anyone of you managed to get the NVidia OpenCL implementation to work on Windows ? If so, I would need some help in order to collect data for a bug report. The bug is described in ticket #160503-000137 of the NVidia bug tracker system, but I’m not sure if other people can see it, so I’m going to summarize it in this post.

In an attempt to optimize compilation performance, the NVidia driver caches program binaries, which is in general a good thing. However, when clBuildProgram is run, they currently do not keep header changes into account when determining if a cached binary should be rebuilt. This means that when common constants are defined into a header file shared by the host and the OpenCL C program, these constants can easily end up out of sync, wrecking havoc in the application.

I have reproduced this bug in 3 different versions of the NVidia Linux driver (319, 352 and 364), and on three different pieces of hardware (Geforce 980M, Quadro K620, Tela K20m) running three different Linux distros, but I have no data on Windows, and this is where I need help because I do not have enough time to fight with Windows development at the moment.

I have attached a minimal Linux crasher ( [ATTACH]111[/ATTACH] ). The way to run it on Linux is to modify the pc.env machine-specific setup in order to match your system, and then run the run.sh script, which will expose the bug if it exists on your machine. I would really appreciate it if some of you would mind porting it to Windows and then…
[li]Running it[/li][li]Reporting if they reproduce the bug[/li][li]Telling which GPU and NVidia driver version they use[/li][/ul]

Thanks in advance!