Linker Error in VC++5.0

I am getting an odd error when I try to build an opengl app in MSVC++5:
“LnkError 11026(?) glut32.lib invalid file or disk full unable to seek to…” ( then it gives me some memory address

I do not have the actual linker error number with me, but I was wondering if anyone had ever come across this problem. Is this strictly a GLUT issue, or is it a VC++ issue? I have no problems running straight opengl code, but for this I am at a complete loss. Microsoft help said that it might be a bad block, so I did a scan disk and found no errors. Should I persist in my endeavor, or should I just stick to freecell and leave the graphics to the professionals ( whine. . .sniff). Thanks in advance.



p.s. I am running VC++5.0 on a windows 98 machine.