Likely solution to OpenGL failing to load with Games.

Hi all, ive been working on this now for around a month, i think ive fixed it for my pc (well its running flawlessly now for several reboots).

Ive heard ppl mention before that running dual monitors isnt possible with opengl. I dismissed this initially since i dont have 2 monitors, so couldnt possibly be using it.

however perhaps u need to disable the feature totally for opengl to work, and not just assume the computer recognises only 1 display.

I use the program “Powerstrip v3.30”, mainly for adjusting gpu speeds, and gamma for games. It has a section called “Application Profiles” and in that section there is a list of features to disable/enable on the right hand side.

I ticked the box for disable dual monitor support, and then ticked the box saying “force opengl multimonitor support”. I have only tried with both of them enabled, so perhaps only 1 is required, i dont know.

Anyways, im hoping this is the end of my worries, and that the information can help u guys.