<library_lights> - 3DsMax


I’m using ColladaMax to export 3dsMax model in Collada, to load them in PaperVision3D after (a flex 3D rendering engine)

I have two 3dsmax model, (a woman and a man).
When I export the man, I have a tag <library_lights> (used in <library_visual_scenes>), and then when I load it in PaperVision, all the textures are badly displayed.
When I do the same thing with the woman model, I don’t have any “<library_lights>” tag, and I have no problem with the texture after loading in PaperVision.

So I think that the display problem come from <library_lights>, as PaperVision3D is recent, maybe it doesn’t support it.

I’m not an advance user of 3DsMax, so I have really no idea about the difference between the two files… (woman-man). I have already try to compare them, but I found nothing.

I have merged a mesh from the woman in the 3ds file of the man, and then export it in collada, I have found again the “<library_lights>”, so it’s not a problem of texture, but more of… “global setup”.

If someone know what is the setup in 3DsMax that create the “<library_lights>” (to disable it), that could be very helpful !



No one has an idea about what in 3dsMax build the <library_lights> tag ?

It’s really a problem for me, and I cannot find out why there is this tag !

I hope someone could help me with this question !


<library_lights> contains lights. So maybe you exported a light in that model. If you want to see if that’s what’s causing your problems, you could delete the <library_lights> and any <instance_light>s in the scene and reload it in Papervision.

I’d try Steven’s suggestion first (deleting the <library_lights> tags) to see if that fixes the problem.

So far as I know in 3DS Max, the <library_lights> should only get exported if there are lights in the scene. Probably one of your scenes contains lights and the other one doesn’t. I believe Max has a function that lets you select objects by type, you can probably use that to select all the lights in your scene, delete them and export it to COLLADA again.

I’m not sure why <library_light> would cause problems though, maybe Papervision only supports certain types of lights?