Latest Khronos newsletter invites me to sign up to a UN LGBTQ+ organisation?

As the title states, why is the latest Khronos newsletter (June 2023 - can be viewed here:
The Khronos Group Newsletter - June 2023 )
inviting me to sign up to a UN LGBTQ+ organisation?

This seems well outside what I would expect from the Khronos newsletter.

Yes, totally inappropriate.

This is completely outside Khronos’ mission statement, … as would be posts on abortion, immigration, vaccines, etc.

My question would be: who specifically added this, and who approved its inclusion?

(Pretty strange. Ordinarily, Khronos is very focused on providing leadership driving “technical” standards. This has nothing to do with that. Would hate for them to alienate their members and users by pushing opinions on side political issues.)

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I am unsubscribing to the newsletter for now as I do not like this direction.

This is an effort driven by our mission. As an organization designed by the industry, for the industry— it is crucial for Khronos to promote a fair and honest culture that incorporates a breadth of experience from multiple perspectives. You can learn more about Khronos’ DEIB initiatives here Please feel free to email the group directly with any feedback that you feel would be helpful as we continue to encourage participation from diverse audiences.

Can you explain how getting people to sign up to a UN LGBTQ+ organisation meets these goals?

The website link you posted already states:
"One area we appear to be doing well is with LGBTQ+ identities, which are well represented within our membership. "