Lag problem

i have a ati readon x850pro when i play cs i have a lag thats last for half of a second. In other games like WoW, Quake 4 etc. I dont have that problem so i figured out that it is the fault of my 3d card i used the drivers of the cd installation , the internet drivers and Omega drivers can someone help me PLLLLSSSSS thx alot

I solved this problem on my GF4MX440 by switching to the DirectX renderer.

btw CS on a x850pro? You don’t even need a video card to play that old crap. If you don’t like DX and OGL lags, you can still try the softwear renderer.
That’s for Half-Life, I don’t play CS, but since it’s a mod, I asume it has the same settings.

Good Luck from eastern Europe!

Yep, it does have the same settings.

Forgive my mistakes in the previous post, I’m not using english that often.