Kyro II programming problems


I’ve been doing some programming with the Hercules Kyro II prophet 4500 card and come up with some wierd things, I was wondering if anyone has any solutions.

Firstly the selection buffer and picking don’t seem to work. This is apparent by the fact NeHe’s excellent example ( 31 I think ? ) on picking with the rotating things you have to shoot doesn’t register any intersections with with matrix setup by the mouse pointer. My applications also do not respond to picking - the selection buffer just gets filled with a load of rubbish.

Both of these two applications however work fine on my flatmate’s geforce 3 in the next room which suggests that it’s drivers.

Has anyone else experienced this problem - i’d like to know as I’ve not got another kyroII based system to test things on.



Sorry - forgot to add that I’m running WinXP on a Athlon 800 if that helps

Yep, I have the same problems on an Apollo Kyro 2.