KTX to PNG not working

Hi, I’m trying to convert a KTX image to the PNG format with the PVRTexTool. When I use the GUI tool, open up the KTX file, and click save as image, the image format is converted perfectly. However, this is too slow. I have thousands of KTX images to convert to PNG and so I turned to the PVRTexToolCLI. Except, it seems as though the CLI doesn’t work for some KTXs.

For example when I run this command,
PVRTexToolCLI -i input.ktx -d output.png -f r8g8b8a8
my output.png is a blank image.

Am I doing this wrong somehow? Are there any other known ways to convert KTXs to PNGs?

I suggest you ask your question in the Imagination Technology PVR forum. People there are more likely to know the answer.

I would like to add a tool to the KTX-Software tool suite to do this but lack time. Contributions are welcome.

Thanks, I’ll make a post there. Apparently I had an old PVRTexToolCLI binary and when I switched to the newest one, it still didn’t work, but I got an error instead.
Error: Unable to save texture as requested format, please check the format being used is supported.