Killing the watchdog timer under MacOSX Lion


I have the watchdog timer problem during the execution of a kernel and i did not found any solution on the forum.
My kernel browse an half edge structure and fetch neighborhoods.
Even by creating small groups, the kernel is killed…
The kernel has been succesfully execute on Linux and Windows when the watchdog timer has been killed.
My only solution is to desactivate it…

My question is the following :
How can i desactivate the watchdog timer?

Best regards

I don’t think you can. If you’re hitting the watchdog timer your app is probably already interfering with GUI performance of other apps in the system- hopefully there is some way to increase kernel performance or decrease batch size.

I fear that kind of answer… Yes my app also do rendering and batch size is already decreased to an optimal.
There is no way to pass an option to the nvidia driver like in linux?