Khronos Logo in glTF

First showcase item on the forums under glTF I guess…

To embed a Sketchfab model here, just paste the browser url in


Whoa, didn’t realize Discourse supported that! Can definitely see model embeds getting used around here. :sunglasses:

Here’s a voxel character I made recently, just for fun:

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Very cool! This one’s not mine, just testing it out:

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Need to start the showcasing rolling somewhere… Thanks for posting.

Just checking if p3d embeds also work (as this should be standard oEmbed):

hmmm apparently not, looks like it only takes the OpenGraph stuff from p3d :S

We are investigating if it’s possible to set more OpenGrah tags to fix this on our end.

Nice model, would be awesome if we could get it to embed here.

We’ve added extra OpenGraph tags, let’s see if that works:

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Wow, this is awesome! Great model too! Does this mean anyone can add a model to Discourse now?

Yup, just paste a link to p3d model and Discourse picks it up from OpenGraph meta data :slight_smile: - Tiki Tunes Bluetooth


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