Khronos Forums moved to Discourse


The OpenGL and Khronos forums have now moved to their final home here. If you have questions or issues accessing the new Discourse forums, please let me, either posting here or email the webmaster at


The Discourse forum is completely broken in Safari on OS X 10.9. It renders a blank white page and a dozen javascript security errors like:

Refused to load the script '' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'unsafe-eval' 'report-sample'".

The Discourse demo renders fine in the same browser, so the problem isn’t inherent to Discourse itself. Also fine in Chrome on the same OS.


Thanks. Will take a look to see why the older safari is trying to load JS over http.


Give it a try now. Should all be https.


Yep, works fine now. Thanks.


Delighted to hear this. Thanks for your patience.


I haven’t received an email announcing the changeover. I also could not log in, except via GitHub connected me. My old login credentials would not take. I did receive an email about a private-message from a Flagged comment I moderated yesterday. However I did not receive an email about the flag. Perhaps I wasn’t yet in the system, since I’d never logged in.

Subscription settings are reverted to Normal on my account. So I had to set boards I’m watching to Watch via the O shaped button in the top-right corner of the screen.

These are some things to watch out for.


Thoughts: I worry about the nested Reply buttons. It seems when you reply with those, the replies are hidden from view. I think no one will see those replies, and it is easier to see those Reply buttons than the Blue top-level reply button on the very bottom (scroll all the way down) which I suppose is equivalent to the button at the top. And so easy to reply with the wrong button.

Compounding this is the omission of any user-settings (that I can find) to change this behavior. To be clear: there are no user-settings of any kind. Even though I think hiding posts should not be the default disposition with or without a setting. The collapsed replies text icon is hardly visible as it’s light silver on white.


No posts are hidden that I can see, even when using the Reply on each post. You say “To be clear: there are no user-settings of any kind.” There are quite a lot in your profile, I count 8 tabs of settings. Do you mean there are no settings about hiding posts? That is because the new forums don’t hide the posts… that I can see.

Not everything was copied over to the new forums. There have been a couple of cases where a password needed resetting, but nothing worse than that.

Email announcing change over wasn’t in the plans. We felt at this time, as people go to login to the forums, they we would see they have moved. There are a lot of accounts that have not been on the forums for years and emailing all of them too seemed a little over kill.

If you can give me an example of a post you think is hidden on your end, I’ll investigate more.


This is a direct reply to your first post using the Reply button on that post. Testing to see if it is hidden.


And the Reply showed up immediately, nothing hidden here.


Your reply to arekkusu (above) is hidden. I think maybe it’s hidden for people who are not posting among the nested reply chain.


No, I finally see the little cog icon now that you mention it. I am not sure why I didn’t see it before. Thanks :brain:


@khronos There seems to a problem with deleting topics. A user I moderated the other day Flagged their own topic. Maybe you can see my discussion with them. In anyway case, we finally, today, arrived at the conclusion that they did this because the forum told them to:

"I send the report using the flag, because the trashcan alert me with “You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning.”.


The topic had not been replied to. Maybe this cannot be fixed. But it seems unworthy of moderator’s time. The poster didn’t explain this in the Flag message. I think GitHub may be the same way. Sometimes people regret posting, or make mistakes.


Did you see the Flag that the user raised? I didn’t see one, so assumed he was flagging for more attention.

Normal are unable to delete their own topics, correct. This is to ensure they don’t delete a topic with lots of useful posts, just because they are in the mood, or are leaving the site. That would be detrimental to the site.

When I tried it myself I was asked to flag the topic. Then, using my moderator account, I was able to review the message and take action. In this case, delete the post:

Hope this helps clarify the roles of the moderator on these forums. All a learning experience and quite different from the old vBulletin forums.

In the end, if the user wants his post deleted, please feel free to do that.


I try to respect the user’s privacy, so am not disclosing some details. I think though, from what the user told me (quoted) the system would be more streamlined (involving Discourse developers) if using Delete provided a message explaining that the deletion is pending review, instead of (as they explain) being told to generate and fill out a flag…

I thought they were flagging for more attention too (which is obviously a flagrant abuse of the flag system. But people do do crazy things like that all of the time.)

They went through the Delete button. I first had to respond to their (apparent) cry for attention, and then they private-messaged me that they just wanted the post deleted. So I had to PM back explaining the “…” and “trashcan” button. Only to learn they had already tried to do that!

I don’t know what’s going on in Silicon Valley, but the UI systems they are cranking out on a daily basis are completely tone-deaf.

Too I feel if there is 1 post, and they own it, the Delete should just work. Or rather if they own all of the posts, in case of multi-posting.

P.S. About the PM you sent, if you can edit the page layouts, I think it would be worthwhile to have the years on dates printed in full. Writing Mar ‘18 to be cute looks an awful lot like Mar 18. If there is room for 4 digits in the slider in the sidebar there’s certainly room in the space above the actual posts, and in the Activity column on the boards’ listings. (Sorry to reply here; I felt it was another case where the Discourse team can improve their interface through commonsense.)


On a separate feedback point: is there really no user ignore list in Discourse? (That is: completely hide topics/posts from specified users.) This is a regression from the old forum…


@arekkusu That seems a little drastic doesn’t it? I mean, in a traditional BBS if you are ignoring posts, you might be repeating things already said, unknowingly, and so that can make the whole conversation appear incoherent to everyone, which is kind of just selfishly making a bad situation worse.

If users are truly bad for discussion, maybe they can be dealt with by moderators? We have to deal with different kinds of people in all walks of life.


Dates now show full year.


Discourse does allow you to Mute users, which applies to DMs only. there is a lot of talk on the Discourse forums on whether having the ability to hide users posts is good or bad. It might be worth taking a look here and here (spanning 2013-2018) too see some of the arguments. I tend to agree with Mick on this one. If someone is being abusive, moderators or administrators can take action to remedy the situation. This is what the Flags are for.