Jedi Outcast problem

When I try to start the game, it doesn’t and comes up with the message ‘could not load Open Gl subsystem’ does anybody have any solutions?

First, What video card do u have, and which Operation system do u have. Then you need to go to this site.

that should be all u need. Beleive me I’v been trying to find a Video Card that works with outcast for like 3 months.

How do you find out what videocard you have,and also how do you find what chipset you have please? I have Windows Me as an Operating System.

Go to the destop Icon My Computer and right click on it and select properties. After that you should get a window with 4 tabs on top. Click on device manger and you should see a list of stuff that makes up your computer. Find the one that says DISPLAY ADAPTORS. Click on the little + and u will see what video card u have. If there is a - next to it then u should already be able to see what type of video card u have.

To find the chipset go the company’s site who make’s your card, it should tell you there.

This site should also have the correct driver for your video card and OS.

When u find out what card u have please tell cause it just plain out may not support opengl or have enough onboard memory.

If this way confuses you there are a few more ways to find out.