Jedi Academy, Win XP and OpenGL

Where do I start? Despite taking the advice posted this game continues not to load and comes up with the very familiar “could not load OpenGL subsystem” when I attempt to start the game.

I have a 64MB SiS 650 PCI graphics card with the most recent manufacturers drivers, Direct X 9.0b along with the infamous Win XP Home Edition.

Now before you say this graphics card is crap (it came with the computer which only a year old), up until now I have never had a problem and could run games such as MOHAA and Jedi Outcast.

Any new suggestions would be greatly appreciated provided they do not revolve around win.ini or Sci techs GL Direct (which I tried and worked but failed to display any of the characters???).


While this card can run MOHAA and Jedi Outcast, I had the same problem with it…
It’s just not good enough.
Upgraded to a Radeon and the world is good again.

Well, the “integrated chip” is crap…

But I think it’s Jedi Academy. MANY MANY people have reported problems with this game.

Actually, the problem is with SiS.
I was able to run Jedi Academy perfectly with my SiS 650 before using OLD drivers… specifically the old sisgl.dll file. Now I updated my graphics driver to version 2.21 and guess what… JA won’t work anymore (Shows the Send Error Report thingy)! And according to the error… it is indeed sisgl.dll that has the problem (remember that 2.21 fixes the opengl error of Call of Duty game) – therefore they f**ked up the gl driver! Now I tried overwriting the new sisgl.dll file with my old and working sisgl.dll file. Guess what, it bypassed the error and JA is running… BUT I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING (obviously because I used the old sisgl file) but I hear the sounds up to the main menu. In conclusion, sisgl.dll of update 2.21 is the problem!

I tried to email SiS regarding the general drivers they have but they seem to not respond at all (I’ve been checking their driver website a month already). I hope you guys can help me out try to inform sis regarding this. I can’t really go for the option of buying a new chipset/video card because the chipset is integrated with the motherboard of my DESKNOTE.