IWOCL 2016 Announce Publication of the Full Program of Sessions

The full program of OpenCL tutorials, workshops, talks and panel discussions is now available online. Early bird registration ends 20th March.

Advanced ‘Hands-on-OpenCL’ Tutorial
Simon McIntosh-Smith (University of Bristol and Conference Chairman)

C++ for OpenCL
Maria Rovatsou (Codeplay) and Bartosz Sochacki (Intel).

Best Practices and Tools to Debug and Optimize OpenCL Applications
Uri Levy, Maxim Shevtsov and Alexandr Kurylev (Intel).

KEYNOTE: OpenCL – A State of the Union
Neil Trevett (Khronos President, OpenCL Working Group Chair and VP at NVidia).

Envisioning the Future – Using SYCL to Develop Vision Tools
Luke Iwanski and Mehdi Goli (Codeplay).

hiCL: An OpenCL Abstraction Layer for Scientific Computing, Application to Depth Imaging on GPU and APU
Issam Said (Lip6), Pierre Fortin, Jean-Luc Lamotte (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) and Henri Calandra (Total EP)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cross-Platform OpenCL Application Development
Tyler Sorensen and Alastair Donaldson (Imperial College London)

Khronos OpenCL Working Group Members and OpenCL Community Members

KEYNOTE: The OpenCL Library Ecosystem: Current Status and Future Perspectives
Karl Rupp (Freelance Computational Scientist)

clSPARSE: A Vendor-Optimized Open Source Sparse BLAS Library
Joseph Greathouse, Kent Knox, Kiran Varaganti and Mayank Daga (AMD)

OpenCL FFT Optimized for Intel Processor Graphics
Dan Petre, Adam Lake and Allen Hux (Intel)

Nearly Everything You Need to Know About Optimizing Convolutional Neural Networks on Embedded Platforms with OpenCL
Anton Lokhmotov and Grigori Fursin (Dividiti)

Boost.Compute: A Parallel Computing Library for C++ Based on OpenCL
Jakub Szuppe (Warsaw University of Technology)

Threading Building Block (Intel TBB) Flow Graph as a Software Infrastructure Layer for OpenCL-based Computations
Alexei Katranov and Alexey Kukanov. (Intel)

OpenCL caffe: Accelerating and Enabling Cross-Platform Machine Learning Frameworks
Junli Gu (AMD), Yibing Liu (Tsinghua University), Maohua Zhu (UCSB) and Yuan Gao

OpenCL-Based Mobile GPGPU Benchmarking: Methods and Challenges
Rotem Aviv and Guohui Wang (Qualcomm)

Optimizing OpenCL Applications on Xilinx FPGA
Ronan Keryell, Hervé Ratigner, Henry Styles and Jim Wu (Xilinx)

Improving OpenCL Tools for FPGAs
Bill Jenkins (Altera)

Automatic Test Case Reduction for OpenCL
Moritz Pflanzer, Alastair Donaldson and Andrei Lascu (Imperial College London)

GPU daemon – Road to Zero Cost Submission
Michal Mrozek and Zbigniew Zdanowicz (Intel)

Employing Out Of Order Queues for Better GPU Utilization in OpenCL
Pavan Lanka and Krzysztof Laskowski (Intel)

Closing Remarks and IWOCL 2017
Simon McIntosh-Smith (University of Bristol and Conference Chairman)

Runtime Comparison Solving Two Dimensional Gray-Soctt Equation on Different Devices That Support OpenCL
Michael Quell (TUWien)

Employing Out Of Order Queues for Better GPU Utilization in OpenCL
Pavan Lanka and Krzysztof Laskowski (Intel)

Towards Visual Exploration of Parallel Programs Using a Domain-specific Language
Tobias Klein, Eduard Gröller and Markus Hadwiger (KAUST) and Stefan Bruckner and Eduard Gröller (University of Bergen)

Extending Paralldroid for the Automatic Generation of OpenCL Code
Sergio Afonso, Alejandro Acosta and Francisco Almeida (University of La Laguna)

Introduction of an OpenCL-based Design Pattern for Model-transformation
Tamás Fekete and Gergely Mezei (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Benchmarking, Autotuning and Crowdtuning OpenCL programs using the Collective Knowledge Framework
Anton Lokhmotov (Dividiti)

C++ Classes and Templates for OpenCL Kernels with PATOS
Franz Richter-Gottfried, Patrick Kreutzer, Alexander Ditter and Dietmar Fey (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

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