Issues with OpenGL on Photoshop

Good evening!

So I’ve been using PS CS6 to work with concept art for a while now, and since I formated my PC, I’ve been having some issues with the OpenGL, it seems that my photoshop doesn’t recognize it or something (or my graphic card, I’m not sure). Thing is; sometimes my PS starts smoothly, with everything working just fine, but when I close it and re-open it, some funcions like the canvas rotation or propper anti-aliasing on broken zoom values (like 33,33%) just stop working (“could not complete your request because it only works with OPENGL enabled document windows”).

Right now I’m using windows 7, 64 bits, 16GB Ram and Intel® HD Graphics 4000. I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers multiple times but it just goes the same: It works, but it’s still VERY instable (like, for each 20 times I open my PS CS6, only one is actually working properly).

Thanks in advance,