Is this a openGL issue?

I did mention in my other post that using this Visiontek 2400 HD PCI card it seems to be missing hardware open acceleration, and the only graphic option to use in SOF1 is either 3DFX Or openGL, no direct3D. So using the openGL option, this is how the game looks.

I am using the lastest 8.6 drivers, but is there something which i can enable OPENGL hardware acceleration on this card, like some tweaks or something?

Looks like a bunch of textures are missing… Did you path that old game ? Sometimes official patches can fix such issues.

But this looks like there was no multitexturing available…

Patch doesn’t solve anything. I could only use one patch, because the game is already patch because i have the gold version. I will ask someone over at the SOF forums and see what they say.