Is there UDIM UV support for glTF?

Hi everyone
i’m very new with glTF format
Usually we use 1 UV tile for texture.

But we want to display it on the web, with an interactive workflow,
i decided to use lower resolution for texture tile.
in 3D world there’s an option for UDIM tiles, which you make another tile for your 3d model,
thus making your 3d model with multiple UV texture and keep resolution small and compact.

So i decide to use UDIM workflow. i’ve searched on google and youtube there’s seems no answer for this. So i hope i can get help from Khronos forums.

thank you so much for your time.

From a quick Google search, it seems to me that “UDIM workflow” is something you do when authoring the mesh. glTF is a format ready for display. If you intend to use UDIM, it should have already happened by the time glTF gets involved.

There are a few comments about UDIM in this thread: What would you like to see in next gen materials? · Issue #1442 · KhronosGroup/glTF (