Is there an XML definition of WebGL API and its relationship to OpenGL ES2?


WebGL is similar to “OpenGL ES2”, but there are significant differences. For example, glGetBooleanv is in ES2 but not in WebGL, glGetActiveAttrib has a different number of arguments in WebGL, etc.

There’s the OpenGL API XML description on the KhronosGroup GutHub page: gl.xml. It defines OpenGL ES2, among other OpenGL APIs.

Mozilla documentation refers to both ES2 and WebGL specs, side-by-side.

There are IDL descriptions for WebGL on the Khronos web page.

My questions are:

  • Is there the XML description of WebGL API, like the one for OpenGL APIs?
  • Is there the XML relating the two? (Mozilla builds its docs somehow, and they seem to know which functions correspond to which even though some names are different.)