Is OpenGL 4.x supported on HP dv6-6154tx notebook?


Can any one confirm does the hp notebooks (with Intel built-in graphic card, AMD Radeon HD 6490M (1 GB GDDR5) with Dynamic Switchable Graphics feature enabled) support OpenGL 4.x version??

The confusion is because of the issues posted on the web regarding the problems in running an OpenGL application on hp notebooks with Dynamic Switchable Graphics feature enabled, which is mentioned on HP website as well.

When a OpenGL version checker application (DocterGL - is executed on the specific hp notebook dv6-6154tx (available in India market) it crashed and the same is running on other hp notebook without AMD discrete graphics card.

Is it really true that hp laptops with dual graphic cards ( Dynamic Switchable Graphics feature) does not support OpenGL 4.x though its mentioned in the AMD website that the AMD 6490M graphics card has OpenGL 4.x support?

Please clear the confusion. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

In general, it doesn’t matter if the device uses hybrid graphics. The important thing to do is run an application using the dedicated GPU - which can be done by a few mouse clicks. If AMD says the chip does it, then it does it. The only thing I can imagine to be a limiting factor is the version of the Catalyst you’re using.