Is it possible to add more than one texture sampler as a diffuse channel?

I am exporting my scene to gltf.
For each material, I can add a diffuse map.
for Example:

      "name": "material",
      "pbrMetallicRoughness": {
        "baseColorTexture": {
          **"index": 0**
        "metallicFactor": 0

my viewer (babylonjs) is rendering this texture as a diffuse.
but i want to add more diffuse layers. using transparenncy i am expecting my viewer to blend the textures.
is it possible? do gltf support it? is there is any extension for it?

I’m not aware of a glTF extension that can do this, but this seems like a very custom requirement. It shouldn’t be too hard to add a custom glTF extension (or use extras) and a custom glTF loader extension in Babylon.js to do this.

I am trying to avoid using custom entries to enable any standart gltf viewer to import my glTF files.
But it looks like i have no other choice.

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