Is gLTF compatible with VDB

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I’m working on a project that the client asked me to create some realistic clouds. My first thought was to use houdini to generate vdb clouds. My question is: is gLTF compatible with VDBs? If no, do you have any ideas on how can I achieve that?



Lucio Freitas.

Unfortunately the volumetric effects of OpenVDB are not supported in any standard formats that I know of. The tools listed at (Blender, Octane, Arnold, Houdini) suggest it is mostly used for offline renders, and glTF features are much more focused on real-time rendering. So I don’t know of any automatic way to convert a VDB file to glTF.

There are ways to do fake volumetrics that could work in glTF — see for an example — but as the author mentions they’re pretty resource-intensive.

If no, do you have any ideas on how can I achieve that?

Are you trying to achieve realistic clouds by any means necessary, or does this specifically need to be exported to glTF? If you have the option of writing shaders, and are using an engine that supports volumetrics, like Unity, there may be engine-specific options available.

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