Is Geforce 2 MX 100% opengl?

when I try to run unreal or UT with opengl mode on it comes up with “error in kernal 32”
So i have to use direct 3d. I prefere openGL and it works in some games and not others, I get the same message for other games including Quake which i wanted to run on opengl for ages. I have all latest drivers, and I have reinstalled windows as well but no luck so whats wrong?



Yes Geforce and Tnt is 100% openGL compatible.

The problems that occur with openGL isnt due to the geforce.

What kind of processor, mobo, OS, and drivers its what causes problem.

Be aware of the OpenGL mode in UT its just experimental. UT is a Direct3D game and nothing else.

This is a funny question.

OpenGL was developed by the same people who make the Nvidia video cards

OpenGL was developed at SGI. After SGI’s fame went down, a whole bunch of their engineers got together and made Nvidia.