IPad 2 needs GLUT/OpenGL for UNIX

Hello community,

first of all, i´d like to say, that i´m from Germany and i feel not comfortable with my english writing… so , here it comes, sorry for my english :wink:

I got a problem, I have got a Ipad 2, which is jailbreaked and i already installed a Terminal.

I think some of these users already knew that this is possible…

I also installes Java with a compiler(Jikes) and C with compiler(gcc) and a VIM VI Editor.

But know I want to install GLUT on my Ipad…

I tried to feth the package with

apt-get install libglut3-dev

for example…

but the package isn´t found.

so i looked at my sources.list and i found no source from debian.org or opengl.org

I tried to paste some deb http://… in this sources file, but they all couldn´t be fetched by

apt-get update

So, has anybody an Idea, how I can install this package, or add the reposity, or got it via debian packager, or a make dictory ?!

Please help me, I need it for the University :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a UNIX Terminal running… I forgot

You don’t say which unix distribution you installed. Something debian-based apparently ?
Do you already have hardware drivers to use OpenGL correctly ?
Do you want to program in Gl or in GL ES ? Quite different.

can u tell me how i can find out version info ?

what hardwaredrivers do i need ? Graphics ?

I will learn the first steps tomorrow in university, so i can´t tell you which Gl or Gl ES…

I was told to install GLUT and OpenGL :stuck_out_tongue: