Internet Explorer/Yahoo Help

Hello. I’ve been having a few problems lately. Certain sites I go to, I can no longer click on some of the radio buttons they have. I click on them, but they don’t do whatever they’re supposed to do. They just do nothing. I’m also having a problem with my Yahoo messanger. When I send or receive messages, the message is completely blank. There is no text, nor are the usernames there. When I went to Yahoo’s help section, there was a specific answer for my question. It said that if your messages are blank, that you have scripting disabled on your Internet Explorer, and that you needed to enable all three scripting options. So apparently these problems are all related and all have one solution. I went to do so, but all three options were already enabled. So, this one has left me puzzled. Does any of this sound familiar? Is there anything else that could cause all of thise other than scripting? It all used to work fine, before today. I’ve never come across this problem before. Thank you for any help.

Have you had any luck fixing your problem. Please let me know as my computer is doing the same thing an it is driving me crazy.

Clear your cache memory and cookies…

Oh, and this stuff really needs to be asked in a Windows-type help forum. This forum is for OpenGL problems.

reset you internet explorer to default,deloete cache and cookies…and find a support forum for it not an open gl one