Intergraph Hardware on Linux

A Linux system I have is running on an Intergraph TD-325 system, it’s a Pentium II 300MHz with 256MB of RAM and an Intergraph Intense 3D PCI video card.

I need to run some OpenGL demos on it to make sure I’m porting properly but I can’t find any modules or drivers that will work with XF86. Does anyone have any idea where I might find some?

As far as I know 3dlabs accquired Intense3d and renamed the boards to “Wildcat”.

You may go to and look there for drivers.

I am sure the card is based on 3dlabs chips anyway, so they should know… just ask them.

Hope that helps

Yeah, I looked into that and it appears that little avenue of development has been scrubbed. I’ve tried other video cards in this system and it doesn’t seem to work properly with them… Mainly it freezes mid boot. I don’t understand it.

Anyway, I was hoping someone had thrown together some sort of homemade driver, since I got the impression alot of Linux modules/drivers were that sort of production. I’ll keep looking