Intel(R) 82865G Extreme 2 Graphics controller

Hey I am running a 2.4 Intel computer… still using the intergrated 64Mb video card (lack of cash for a better card)

Just got Knights of the old republic for my pc… sweet game… but I get all sorts of problems with it because it require OpenGL 1.4… I figure no biggy… Intel supplied me with drivers that supported 1.31 and they REFUSE to tell me if the 1.4 driver is coming out or anything… it there a way around this at all?

Any input would be appriciated

Yes… but you already know the answer.

I know that it cant be done the way I am doing it… thats why I am asking if there is an alternative method of making this work

Well, you could dress up as a Jedi and act out battling… that’s the best alternative I can think of.

I have a feeling that OpenGL 1.4 requires something most older or integrated cards don’t have… like hardware T&L.

'Tis the same for newer DirectX first person shooter games.

Best bet in the long run is to buy a card with hareware T&L… or stop playing new FPS.

lol I like the dressing up like a Jedi response. I suppose I will go buy one. And KOTOR is not an FPS but same deal.

Thanks anyway

As far as I know, OpenGL 1.4 introduces programmable fragment & vertex shaders.

Since none of the current Intel chips support that, OpenGL 1.4 wont be seen on them.

If you want to argue that you could install DirectX 9 on your system your are right, but that doesnt make your card/chip act like an real DX9 card. In fact, it only has the hardware to be a fully DX6 compliant card/chip, so games that require DX7, DX8 or DX9 features would not run anyway.

Instead of making you think your card can cut it by faking compliance, OpenGL just says:
Sorry, but no.

Just do yourself a favor and buy yourself a decent 3d card. Since the shared memory wont affect your memory bandwith anymore, you may notice that your system get a little faster too (not only the graphics).

Just a hint:

Make sure you de-install your previous drivers before you install a new card, because the “left-overs” may cause problems.

I have the same Intel gfx controller as FlashOmega and I have been trying to run EverQuest and Enemy Territory on it.

EQ wont run and prolly never will, but Enemy Territory I can atleast get running with only like very low FPS. I figured Enemy Territory should be possible since its a fairly old game.

NB: Bying a 3d card is not an option since I am trying to get this working on 15 comps at an internetcafe.

Any of you have experience with this controller and ET/CS style games ?

Sorry but even ET is to demanding to be “played” (as in >20 FPS) on that chip.