intel integrated graphics chipset

I have a professional graphics program written using OpenGL. Display list is used to render. No any kinds of texture is involved. It runs very well (the memory and virtual memory usage is around 40M) on my computer (1.4G cpu, 256M ram, display adaptor GeForce2 MX/MX 400).
But when I run the same software on one of my co-worker’s computer. The memory usage went up to a few hundred Mega byte. He actually has a much better computer (2.5G cpu, 1G Ram). The only thing we can thing of is he has an integrated graphics card from intel (Intel® 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller [Display adapter]).
Is there any performance issue with this intel chipset on OpenGL?

Thanks a lot.

Well, intergrated stuff don’t work really well with… anything but really basic stuff. Open GL maybe too much for intergrated. Also, you should try to get nearer drivers for the Intel Chips, and try plugin in diffrent vga cards(remember to install new drivers and take out the old). If you still get problems, then it may be a problem with your program, like compatibility with stuff. So test it, it could not be compatible with intergrated and only works a vga card.

Also… diffrent computers use diffrent amount of memory, especialy when they have 4X the amount that the program was disigned on, so it could be that the program is just using more memory to go faster or just to make it work. Try the new drivers for the intergrated stuff first, and then try using a vga card and see if that way it would work.