Intel Graphics HD support for OPenGL

Having some difficulties with the new Intel i5 core chip connecting to a blackmagic card Ultrascope which depends upon OpenGL. The software indicates that a bunch of extensions are missing but all the card and software need are OpenGL2.1 which , according to Intel , is supported with this card.
Of course no one is willing to step up and address what the issue is. So they sent me to this site to see if I can ellicit a response.
Any thoughts?

If i5 is really Gl 2.1 compliant you can easily check by running any of the extension viewer. For example this one: (OpenGL Extension Viewer)

But before running the viewer be sure that the latest divers are installed.

I’m very interested in hearing the results of this examination. :slight_smile:
I know that Intel is in the stone age of OpenGL, but it will be interesting to know if it is finally jumped form GL 1.4+extensions to GL 2.0+. :slight_smile:

Updating your gpu drivers is the only possible action. But still don’t get your hopes up. Intel are notorious with their GL drivers.
If the PC is not a laptop, the best course of action is to get a cheap discrete modern GPU from ATi or nVidia.