Intel 945gm Optimal Settings

I’m new to graphics, or more accurately, I know nothing about them. I just installed the latest driver for my Intel 945gm accelerated graphics card and I was hoping to gain some insight on what opengl settings might provide the most pleasing visual feedback in terms of gaming and graphics and video rendering. Any help is greatly appreciated.

So ? Precisely, what do you want to know ?

The best setting for Intel cards is a cold place, far, far away from your computer.

I heard good things about the Nvidia Geforce 8800GT, and they are not too expensive.

All that I really know is that my card sucks and won’t support certain shadings required to run most games, as well as other things such as low memory and every other spec. It just sucks.

Unfortuneatley my mb won’t let me switch graphics cards.

You can’t switch because is a mobile ?
If not, adding an extra video card (and deactivation the other one) is perfectly doable.

Do you have an AGP slot ?,NVIDIA_GeForce_7

If you have only old PCI… well… no more ideas.