Intel 82810 Graphics Controller

Aite, I’m havin some problems, Thang Online <Am tryin’ 2 play dis game but the error is “Thang is an Open-GL based game, please download the latest driver” um yea Ive the latest driver for my graphic’s controller but I dunno, neone can help?

Additional Information, Got this from GLInfo:

Driver Version:
Vendor: Intel
Renderer: Intel 810/810E
OpenGL version: 1.1.2 - Build

It looks like the driver is installed.
You have GL 1.1 which is the most basic primitive version. That game maybe wants something more.

Ask the company that makes Thang

i’m having the same problem with my graphic card??(intel 82810) could you please help me tooo…i’ve been trying to run Medal of Honor