Install COLLADA in MAYA 8.5 in MAC OS X

Dear friend

I’m a new user in this forum…

I wish install collada plug-in in my mac os x for export from MAYA 8.5 the 3D model for use it in PAPERVISION 3D by FLASG CS3.

Well… I’ve do this installation operation:

To use ColladaMaya for Linux, run one of the following scripts:




The scripts will only work if you installed Maya in the default folder,

which is /usr/aw/maya8.0 or /usr/autodesk/maya8.5

To use ColladaMaya for MAC OSX, open a Terminal Window

(/Applications/Utilities/, use the ‘cd’ command to change

the current directory to the folder that was just uncompressed, and run

the script by typing “./” at the line.

The script assumes that the Maya folder is /Applications/Autodesk/Maya8.5

If Maya 8.5 was not installed in the default folder, the shell script

should be modified to reflect the real folder in which Maya resides.

Now I need know where i must put this script to use in MAYA:


Someone can help me please?


I don’t have an answer unfortunately, but you might want to post on Feeling Software’s forum. They’re responsible for the Collada plugins for Max and Maya.

thank I’ll try to freesoftware forum :lol:

The files should be placed in these folders, Just go to your application folder, find the and rightclick on the application icon -> show folder contents…

AEcolladafxPassesTemplate.mel: maya->contents->scripts->AETemplates folder
render_colladafxShader.xpm: maya->contents->icons folder
AEcolladafxShaderTemplate.mel: maya->contents->scripts->AETemplates folder
colladafxTest.mel: maya->contents->scripts->others folder
colladaImporterOpts.mel: maya->contents->scripts->others folder
colladaTranslatorOpts.mel: maya->contents->scripts->others folder
render_colladafxPasses.xpm: maya->contents->icons folder

The .sh file of the installer which comes with de collada installer says:

sudo cp scripts/AE* /Applications/

which means:

copy all the files that start with AE (like AEcolladafxPassesTemplate.mel) into the
maya->contents->scripts->AETemplates folder

the rest says:
sudo cp scripts/collada* /Applications/

all the files that start with collada (like colladaImporterOpts.mel) go into the
maya->contents->scripts->others folder

sudo cp scripts/*.xpm /Applications/

all the files with the extension .xpm (like render_colladafxPasses.xpm) go into the
maya->contents->icons folder

hope it helps!!

This does help, but what about the files in the Output/Release folder. They are named
COLLADA_m85.bundle and COLLADA_m2008.bundle
Are these files supposed to be placed anywhere?