Insta 360 & Open GL vs Intel UHD Graphics

Hello everybody!
I have a question. I have a computer with Intel UHD Graphics. I recently purchased an Insta 360 spherical camcorder. To work with this camera, there is an Insta 360 application that I installed on my computer. But when I start the application, a message appears stating that I do not have the Open Gl 3.3 driver installed. or higher. At first I thought that I could easily find this driver on the net and just install it. But it turned out that I cannot solve this problem like that. Who knows the solution?

Why does installing the driver not solve your problem, that is typically the cause behind this type of problem. The graphics driver contains the OpenGL implementation, so without it you won’t have access to OpenGL (well, except for the software implementation of ancient OpenGL 1.1, but that is no use for an app that asks for OpenGL 3.3).

Also, why did you post this in the OpenCL category instead of OpenGL?

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