Initial version of Vincent SC available on Sourceforge


The Vincent SC project is working on a portable implementation of the OpenGL SC API specification. An initial code base for VIncent SC is now available in the SVN repository on Sourceforge and can be accessed from the project home page at Please follow the instructions under Code->SVN to download the latest version of the source code. The code is fairly stable, and has already been used to debug the OpenGL SC conformance test. Currently, the project workspaces and project files included in the upload are targeting Visual Studio 2008, and require SDL to be present for framebuffer access. For more information, or if you want to get involved, please contact the project administrator.


I’m very interested in looking at and using VincentSC in my embedded project. How do I get the Source Code?


The download instructions from SVN are here:
I’ll probably prepare a self-contained download package over the holidays/new year.

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