Did my files get corrupted? Is it just me? Why does all the source/sample code use a single space for indentation?

It makes the code difficult to read. I don’t mean to be nitpicky about style, but this is so close to NO indentation as to be a hanging offense.

If it is the case that you guys like it over there, then please set your tabstop to 1 character and let us have our indentation back. If it’s a pain to change this, I can rip some regex through it and send you cleaned up versions.


I’m sorry you don’t like the identation on the sample code. At this time we have no plans to change it as we prepare to release the COLLADA API instead. I expect that the COLLADA API coding style will be more appealing.

Hello heina,

Before you write a regex, you might want to try my Perl module at:


which comes with a wrapper utility (called xmltidy) that can convert indenting to tabs for you.

I’ve run that utility on several COLLADA XML files (on both Debian GNU/Linux && Windows XP) without a problem. I hope you find it helpful.