importing a scene

Hi everybody!
Just a simple question: how can I import a collada scene/object?
Is there a tutorial teaching this or can anyone tell me the code I have to use?
Thank you!

I don’t think that there is a tutorial currently available. What I know are these 2 cases:
[ul]- GLGE - it is a library develped on top of webGL, which has a Collada import (last information was also support of animations) [/ul]
[ul]- Spore Creature demo - this is a demo where is implemented a Collada import (the description says it is quite limited) [/ul]

…Anyway,…if you are interested in making one I’m willing to help…

That would be great. The fact is that i don’t even know where to start! I took a look to the links but I can’t figure out where the scene file is loaded in the code…

I’ll try now with a deeper look…

I found a tutorial which uses GLGE lib as a support … -tutorial/

for importing a collada object or scene you can insert this line in the xml file describing the scene.

under the <scene> tag:

<collada document=“colladafile.dae” animation="#spin" rot_x=“1.57” loc_y="-15" scale=“0.05” />

A first step is made :slight_smile: