Implementation (OpenAL as foundation)

Is there any implementation?

Is anyone using OpenSL ES? If not what are the alternatives?

I am considering using OpenAL as the basis for an OpenSL ES implementation, in a similar way that OpenGL ES 2.0 uses OpenGL 2.0 on the desktop. However, if no manufacture plans to support OpenSL ES there isn’t much of a point in such implementation.

Perhaps i should support OpenCORE instead since it is being used in the Android platform?

Does the nvidia openKODE platform support OpenSL ES?

There are no public implementations that I know of yet but that’s mainly because the API hasn’t been released in final form yet; it’s only been released provisionally. Once the API has been released in final form (later this summer) I expect to see manufacturers announcing support for OpenSL ES.

Using OpenAL as a basis for OpenSL ES should work well for most of the functionality - you’ll just miss support for things like MIDI.

You’ll need to ask someone from NVIDIA about their OpenKODE platform.

Thank you for your reply Nathan. I look forward to have some opensl implementations available.

Unfortunately nVidia does not seem to care about Indie developers since they have not replied to any of my emails in the past months, it is sad but they do not appear to be interested in getting any developers outside of there sphere of partners any information about openkode or apx2500.