Image stitching using currently available OpenVX Kernels

Hi all,

Is image stitching possible using currently available OpenVX kernels?

My requirement:
I need to write an application using OpenVX framework to stitch 4 image streams captured by 4 cameras placed at different positions.

Thanks in advance.


I am also looking for the same, hope someone will answer us, I do not want to make new a thread if I will find the answer here.

I don’t think there is a “Stitch” kernel by itself (you’re always welcome to write a user mode kernel to do this and share it here!). There are remaps and ROIs of images, which would have to be computed from what ever homography you need to do. Create the end image, compute your homography then cut ROIs from the end image. If these subimages aren’t “clean cuts” which ROIs do, you may have to do some custom code to create the end blended image from the remapped source images with some sort of mask or something.