If you run an Nvidia card, GET MORE FPS WITH THIS!!


This is called the Nvidia Refresh Rate fix. Here’s what you do, VERY SIMPLE!!:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Install, then run the program.
  3. Go and click on the bottom drop menu, and choose, “every resolution to monitor’s maximum supported rate”
  4. Finish.
  5. Re-boot system.
  6. Go play your game(i prefer 800 * 600 or 1024 * 768 for best results)
  7. My fps went from 65 to 85!! Now im at 100 w/ proper monitor drivers!


file was designed for w2000 and any other users who were stuck at 60hz refresh rate.

if you weren’t the only way you got more fps was because you have vsync on which will limit your fps based on you refesh rate.