I need Open GL

Hi! I’m trying to run a game called Second Life but I need open gl. My graphics card is an ATI RAGE128 Pro Ultra GL. I tried to find a driver with open gl from ATIs website with no success. Can anyone tell me where to get open gl? ty in advance

All Windows versions since W95(B) ship with OpenGL, so you only need an appropriate driver.

In your case the problem is that your 3d card is way to old and lacks the features required by the game.

That is from the webpage www.secondlife.com

[b]System Requirements:

PC Requirements:
•Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 2 (32MB RAM) or higher, or ATI Radeon 8500 (32MB RAM) or higher (laptop users: click here)
•Computer: 800MHZ or higher, 256MB RAM or more
•OS: Windows XP/2000
•Internet Connection: Broadband (DSL/Cable Modem/LAN)
•DirectX 8 or 9

Your Rage128 Pro Ultra Hyper wont cut it, its a.) slow (the Radeon 8500 is >5 times faster) b.) dosent have vertex- nor pixelshaders.

No software or driver can help you here.

Get a better 3d card and/or computer if you want to play that game.