I may just be stupid, but.....

I have no Idea how to install this freaking thing!! I’ve looked and looked on this website but I can’t find out how. I’ve got the HTTP version downloaded and GLsetup. Could anyone help me? (If you can assume I have no Idea about anything and give me detailed instructions, cuz- I’m a retard!)

What do you want to install? OpenGL drivers, or hearers/libraries, or anything else? For what OS?

OpenGL is shipped with Windows and is automatically installed, and there is nothing you have to do to make it work. If you need drivers for your specific hardware, either download GLSetup (as I can see you did) and run it (only works on Win95/98), or, if you use an NT-platform, go to the manufacturers site and download the drivers from there.

Headers and libraries is used only for programming, and they are also generally shipped with the compiler, and therefore no need to mess with anything.

Hehe… You are a retard indeed =D n/o. But what about writing what you need help with, just like Bob said…

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