I have some problem ,I need some help,thanks!

Recently,I have some problem in my program, I want to integrate OGRE & ScaleForm ,but I meet a problem ,as follow:

this is the OGRE running screenshot

this is the OGRE & ScaleForm running screenshot.

and between above two the additive code is :

/**/// Create and Configure Loader.   
    Loader loader;

    loader.SetLog(Ptr<GFx::Log>(*new GFxPlayerLog()));

    Ptr<ActionControl> pactControl = *new ActionControl(ActionControl::Action_ErrorSuppress);
    //      Ptr<ActionControl> pactControl = *new ActionControl(ActionControl::Action_Verbose);

    // Developers set states on the loader to modify loading and playback behavior.
    // If you need to load files from a custom package, for example, you can 
    // create a FileOpener derived class that loads files in a custom way.
    // Here FileOpener and FSCommandHandler are set for sample purposes.    
    Ptr<FileOpener> pfileOpener = *new FileOpener;
    //Ptr<FSCommandHandler> pcommandHandler = *new FxPlayerFSCommandHandler;

    Ptr<FontProviderWin32> fontProvider = *new FontProviderWin32(::GetDC(0));

    Ptr<ASSupport> pAS2Support = *new GFx::AS2Support();

    Ptr<ASSupport> pASSupport = *new GFx::AS3Support();

    // Create renderer.
    pRenderHAL = *new Render::GL::HAL;
    if (!(pRenderer = *new Render::Renderer2D(pRenderHAL.GetPtr())))
        return 1;

    // Configure renderer in "Dependent mode", honoring externally
    // configured device settings.
    if (!pRenderHAL->SetDependentVideoMode())
        return 1;

    // Set renderer on loader so that it is also applied to all children.
    //pRenderConfig = *new RenderConfig(pRenderer, RenderConfig::RF_EdgeAA | RenderConfig::RF_StrokeNormal);

    // Load the movie file and create its instance.
    if (!(pMovieDef = *loader.CreateMovie(FileName)))
        Scaleform::String errorString = "Unable to load file: ";
        errorString += FileName;
        MessageBox(NULL, errorString.ToCStr(), "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
        return 1;

    if (!(pMovie = *pMovieDef->CreateInstance()))
        return 1;

    hMovieDisplay = pMovie->GetDisplayHandle();


    // Set playback view to span the entire window.
    pMovie->SetViewport(Width, Height, 0,0, Width, Height);

    // If you wanted to use the movie as a transparent HUD overlay, you would
    // set Background Alpha to 0. We don't need to do this for player sample.

     MovieLastTime = timeGetTime();