i dont know what to do. HELP!!! video card driver

i have winXP and i try to play a game and it says “OpenGL subsystem” that thing. i went to this site. http://www.uq.net.au/~zzmbisho/how_to_fix-OpenGL-Subsystem.html

at the bottom it says “Alternate Info for WinXP users: Native XP drivers for video cards generally don’t have support for OpenGL (like MS expects everything to rely exclusively on DirectX). Therefore you should download the XP compatible drivers for your video card from the manufacturer’s website”
i dont know what my video card is. it just came with the PC. its not not no Geforce3. how do i find what kind of card it is? please help me.

First, You should try your computer manfacturer’s site as you may have an OEM version of the video card. If that doesn’t help, you can right-click on your desktop and choose properties. This should bring up a property sheet. Click on the Settings tab and you should see what video card you’re running.

This is easy, click your start on the lower left of the screen then choose control panel. Next choose display then settings. Then click the ‘advanced’ key next to the troubleshoot icon. Then choose the tab up top that says adapter. There it will tell you about your adapter type, also known as video card. Hope it works for you!!
If it says nvidia_______ then go to www.nvidia.com
If it says Radeon________ go to www.ati.com
Those are only 2 adapter types, you may have a different one installed on your pc. Finding any others is up to you!