I cant get my #d Studo Max R3 to open

Im new at this and i cannot get my 3d softwware to open, it gives me an errror
that my hard lock drivers are not on, or installed. I installed the drivers i think, but it still dont work. Can someone help me!

Thank You,

Have you tried www.glsetup.com

Um, as far as I know, in 3dsmax hard lock drivers have nothing to do with your graphic card. However make sure u choose opengl as your primary viewport driver, cuz direct3d doesn’t seem to work.

3D Studio Max R3 has a ‘Hard Lock’ protection system. The program requires that an actual device is connected to your computer via a serial port. If you got the program through a friend, then get the hardware, or do a search for 3d Studio Max r3 on http://astalavista11.box.sk . Hope this helps

Buy or die!

thanks for all ur replies… i got it to work…