i cannot play 3d games that use opengl

first off i would like to say that buying a new computer or whatever isnt really an option and all these games worked perfectly before so yeah

ok a few months back i reinstalled windows (i have windows 98se) ever since then i have not been able to play games that use opengl heres my system specs ill elaborate on the problem after them…

256mb ram
Amd Athlon 700mhz
Geforce2 MX 64mb 100/200 (just to let you know when i tried to install the drivers from the cd that came with it these files werent installed due to errors but i have since downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the nvidia website nvdispp.drv nvdd32.dll nvopengl.dll)
and i have a GEM monitor (dont know what model or anything) that has no drivers… i dunno if that could be it or not
thats all that should be relevent…

anyway heres 2 examples Counter-Strike and EverQuest
for counter-strike when i try to run in OpenGL mode (software and direct3d modes are also available and both appear to work but are not exactly great modes to use so yeah) just crashes and a bunch of colord bars are all over my screen and i cant move my mouse or anything (this is once im actually in the game playing) as for everquest it “WORKS” but things randomly appear and dissapear everywhere and it just stops for about a minute every 3 or so minutes anyway i have tried reinstalling my video card drivers many times but its never worked

anyway thanks for any help you guys might give me 8)

Could be a heat problem, but more than likely your video card is dying.

You don’t need to buy a new computer (although it is an old POS).

Try getting a new video card. I would suggest for something that old… a GeForce4 MX 440. If you have an APG slot (be sure to check!), then get one of those for what? $35. If you have PCI, you’ll pay about the same.