How to work with OpenCV application based on OpenVX API


My OpenCV application can be work well on PC,now I want to port this application to DSP platform,
but DSP platform only own OpenVX library, I need to replace all of OpenCV interface with OpenVX API? Thanks.



OpenCV is a very extensive library covering a wide and ever-expanding range of computer vision algorithms. The OpenVX API did not attempt to standardize the entire functionality of OpenCV, but rather a useful subset for embedded applications. If your application has functions that are not available in OpenVX, there is a User Kernel feature that enables you to add these functions yourself, and you can use the open-source OpenCV code to implement your User Kernel. In the standard version of User Kernels, these functions would run on the Host CPU, but some vendors with OpenVX implementations have extensions that enable running your user kernels on the target device (e.g., a DSP).

If there are particular functions from OpenCV that you think are sufficiently useful and widely desired, you can discuss this with your DSP vendor and perhaps they can add it as an extension. You even suggest in this forum the function be added in a future version of the OpenVX specification, and it will be considered.

– Frank