How to start

Please, give me advice. I have been trying to run WebGL in Moziilla and Chromium already 1 month.
Maybe I do something wrong? I loaded Mozilla 3.7 changed config and that still doens’t work.

Hi there,

I wrote up some pretty detailed instructions on my blog here:

If none of that helps, could you tell us what operating system and graphics card you have? That might help work out what’s going wrong.



I did all as written. And here alert rezult.
Could not initialise WebGL, sorry :frowning:

I use Mozilla. Operation system is Windows Proffesional ser park 2.
Russian .

You need graphics hardware that does support WebGL / OpenGL ES 2.0. For example your graphics card (and driver!) needs to support ShaderModel 2.0 (GLSL).

However, on Windows/Firefox you might want to try the (slow!) software emulation (OSMESA32.DLL). That’s described on the page giles has linked above.

I added this file in system32, and the same alert message.

Did you also set the webgl.osmesalib config property to C:\Windows\system32\OSMESA32.dll (or whatever)?

I don’t have webgl.osmesalib in config options .

You need to create it :wink:

Hey Giles, thanks for the instructions on your blog - really helped me a lot!!