how to start with openvg.

Hi all,
I am completely new to openvg. I have a 35 freescale board too. Is there a tutrial page that tells what all to downlaod. I am having a hard time downloading a SDK for it. Is there any SDK plugin for VS2003/2005?
Thanks for your help guys.

This is for the most part completely unrelated to openvg. You need an OS/VG implementation for your hardware, this is usually packaged together as a board support packaged (BSP), these can be provided by a number of vendors for the same hardware. At the least, I think freescale provides a linux based BSP for the imx35, so you should check their website for a BSP and instructions.

I also know, QNX Software Systems ( also provides a BSP for the imx35 which includes support for accelerated VG.