how to share data between component A and component B

i have a problem that how to share data between components.
for example, i get samplerate and channels from component A, and i want to set the two values to component B.
what can i do?
transfer the two from A to B like usual file data.
using GetParameter() to get from component A and using SetParameter() function to set component B.

Another problem is about framebuffer.
i am working on debian in VM.
what’s the detail steps for establish the enviroment for framebuffer?
how to compile the core and what is the selected items?

Have some guys done these before? if any, share your idea to me.


I’d recommend using the buffer flag OMX_BUFFERFLAG_EXTRADATA and adding the extra data between the filled length (aligned) and the allocated length. This data should have the headers defined in “4.2.33 OMX_OTHER_EXTRADATATYPE”. A closing header with nDataSize set to 0 should be used.

What use-case are you trying to achieve?