How to repport a bug to ATI ?

I’m a developper and I’m quite sure I’ve found a bug in ATI OpenGL drivers for my Radeon HD 2400 video card. I’d be glad to provide them some code to reproduce it but I failed to find a way to submit a bug to them, despite a fair amount of time spent browsing them web site.

So, does anyone know a way to submit a bug to ATI ?
you should send them code, what OS, driver, video card, etc
so that they can reproduce it

Thank you.

Yes, I’m going to send them all they need to reproduce it.

Be sure to check a few things:

  1. Can you reproduce this error on their latest drivers?
  2. Check OpenGL specs and see if you can find an error in your code (unless error is quite obvious).
  3. If you can - test your software on GeForce and see if result is the same - if yes - go to #2 and keep looking.

I posted once an OpenGL extension problem regarding to PBO performance. I sent the issue through But, I got a useless response from ATI support, “Check ATI Developers site”.

V-man, Can I send the PBO issue to the email?