How to modify sketchup-generated code to create another node


The title may not be clear. I’m trying to point out to an orbital dynamics simulator where solar panels are on a COLLADA model generated by Sketchup. To achieve this, I’m supposed to add these lines to the COLLADA code (that’s all I know from their terrible doc):

<node id="SolarPanel-PolygonMesh"> 
   <extra type="attach_point"> 
      <technique profile="AGI"> 
         <solar_panel group="Ikonos" efficiency="14"/> 

.anc (alongside, not collada)

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?> 
<ancillary_model_data version="1.0"> 

   <solar_panel_group efficiency = "14" name = "Ikonos"> 


The problem is, I don’t have a node which represents the solar panels that we can see on the following picture of the model (the cross on top of the hexagon):

I have a general node, sketchup (see code hex.txt attached). So what should I do to add the necessary information to that particular face?

Bonus: Is there a COLLADA editor that enables me to click on a face and apply textures, colors etc., and either generate a clear node for that face or directly add <extra><technique> to it?

P.S: I’m still struggling using Sketchup (using mechanical CAD packages usually), I’ll find out how to snap the hexagon at the center of the coordinate system so that I can identify which of the geometries is the solar panel.

Thanks in advance,